Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I got a chance to put the GS120 to good use over the week-end, as I attended on Sunday the UCSB Commencement ceremony for a good friend of my Sister's who's finishing-up her Ph.d in mechanical engineering. Shoot me an email (profile) if you have a job for Annie.

As we all arrived early, I had managed to find me a spot, off to the left side, almost way up-front. Annie was lost in the crowd, nowhere to be found, as I could feel the sun viciously starting to work at my scalp, through my all-too-thin layer of hair. Indeed, I could have not been a total retard and brought a cap, and used sun lotion, but how much fun would that have been, huh?

After long hours (okay, 'twas just one hour) of just standing/sitting/lurking, the grad students make way for the Ph.d students. Amidst sun glares frying my eyeballs, I manage to spot Annie way off in the distance! Boy do i start shooting .... determined to justify my existence and that of all the high-tech gadgetry clumsily dangling from various parts of my putrid-sweat-riddled, aching body.

As far as I was concerned, the fate of humanity depended on my accurately, thoroughly, broadly covering those precious minutes of ultimate narcissism as Annie was exultingly giving the camera some serious love. As much as I had locked-on to her, boy did she ever lock-on to me, or more accurately, my precious Panasonic PV-GS120. I was in her sights. Within seconds, I saw the amazing transformation from a scared wittle wabbit to this self-confidence-emanating, soap opera hollywood drama queen, smiling, looking right at the camera and striking poses.

And then, came that one true, awe-inspiring, Jerry Bruckheimer Hollywood moment: As Annie is walking away from the podium, I suddenly see her face glow as she reaches her arms forward, and her good friend Eva runs toward her and places her beautiful Baby Girl Claire into her arms, as Annie's professor looks onto the both of them with a big, joyous, approving smile.

Most decent human beings would have simply, innocently enjoyed this moment for what it was, at face value.

Not me, no Sir. As I'm realizing there's no way anybody else could have covered this one magic moment in time as well as I did, my mind was racing in all directions, the most prominent one being:

... i can sell this sh*t ...

I'm going to hell.

Seriously though, her Prof is a really nice Man, kudos to UCSB for having such a nice Faculty Member. He really took time to chat with our group and stand around for pictures.

I'll soon be having more fun with iMovie and iDVD.


Anonymous said...

lol, sounds like an awesome cam!

Pie said...

when you're in Hell - will you get some footage of it for me?

e said...

isn't it amazing what electronics do to women? =D