Monday, June 07, 2004

Personal: Girl's Eye for the Bachelor Guy

This weekend my Girlfriend Brandy and our good friend Linda took it upon themselves to transform my little house's living room: get rid of ugly blinds and replace them with curtains! I now have blue translucent curtains! Linda brought her drill and wielded with great mastery while Brandy was arranging the curtains. All this was happening while I was nerdulating away at the computer! These girls are amazing :) They've also got an interesting experiment still underway, involving re-coloring two of my couches, *gulp* :) Hey ... it's looking pretty good so-far :)

My sister called me yesterday, she'll be down from Seattle in Santa Barbara this week-end to attend one of her good friend's graduation! Thanks for the advance notice, Alex :/

I've finally received the first items I've ever bought on eBay: DVDs ! I've had this eBay account since '99, yet never used it for any transaction until a couple of weeks ago! eBay sent me an email congratulating me on my first positive feedback! I feel so cool right now, you have no idea >;]

eBay needs to make their pages load faster, their client-side code is reminiscent of 1996, and is full of junk! It's a good thing they've developed a comprehensive API, so other companies can build a better front-end to their system. That's precisely what EarthLink did with their "My eBay" feature, which, I must say, kicks quite a bit of butt: it's the best web-based mini auction tracking tool i've seen so far. EarthLink users can make use of this feature by going to their Start Page, find the "Additional Features" box, scroll-down to "My eBay", click the "Add" button. From that point they can choose to "link" an "eBay Account" with their "EarthLink Account". A user can then track their eBay auctions from their EarthLink Start Page. MSN has a similar feature but it sucks sweaty nuts compared to that.


Big D said...

Yeah, Linda's been redoing my house as we go along. She's definitely got a knack for it. She's even talked about renting herself out to do it for other guys. I do recommend getting involved in the process. You have to let them lead, but ask to see what they're doing and pick among the choices. You get more input and it is sort of fun. Don't be afraid to be a bit wild. You're only doing surface things, so they can be changed whenever you want if you have a problem.

Los Angeles said...

I don't if i'm stupid or what but i don't trust those ebays and amazons.. I have never tried to buy something on it, i even think that they can cheat on people..