Tuesday, June 08, 2004

New Gmail Accounts

Props to Allen Hutchinson for allowing me to hook-up a friend with a GMail account :)

Jonas is also giving away gmail accounts and writes:

It's not free, however. If you're interested in one, comment here and let me know what you're willing to do for it. Not to me (though I am more than ready to trade for a few good massages), but to someone else. A random act of kindness, maybe? Work in a soup kitchen? Help out at a needle exchange? Or maybe you're doing that already - you'd be the ideal recipient. link


Tonight around 6pm Pacific Time, my gmail account has offered me a link to invite 3 more people! I've invited 2 coworkers, really cool dudes. I also stumbled upon this blogger. I hooked him up too, I hate to see people go broke.

If anybody has gmail invites to spare, feel free to send'em over to frenchy@gmail.com I know a lot of very deserving people :)


The White Boy said...

I am the one he hooked up! Woooo! Chris made my week with his kindness. So be excellent to him and to each other!

Daedal4130 said...

Hey can you hook me up with a GMail invite. It would really make my day...thanks!! My email is Gooch4130@yahoo.com