Saturday, June 19, 2004


Flat tires are like, uncool. Good thing BMW designs their cars around usability with easily-accessible tools embedded in the Trunk hatch. What took the longest was to get rid of all the crap in my trunk to dig out the spare wheel. I've been meaning to clean-up this trunk, it's become its own ecosystem. We left the burlesque club around midnight, noticed the *thunk thunk thunk* of the flat tire almost a few minutes into our way back home, drove until we could find a dark side street off of santa monica blvd before the 405 freeway, were back on the road before 0:30.

I had gloves and 2 flashlights. Batteries ran out on the first one. Second one kept me going. Actually, all beemers come with a rechargeable flashlight embedded in the glove box, I haven't had to use it just yet, it's kinda small, but it works very well. The next things i wanna add and keep at all times, are knee-pads and crappy tennis shoes. It may seem funny, and actually, it truly is, but it really sucks to be crawling around your car in suit pants and nice shoes.

Oh and I'm also glad I've been keeping a leather jacket in the trunk. Brandy could stay warm that way, poor thing has been up since 6 this morning. She is *passed out* right now and i'm about to join in.

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e said...

that reminds me; i'll keep a pair of crappy tennis shoes and knee pads in the trunk. =p