Monday, January 16, 2006

Sewage Spill at the Beach

So apparently a sewage station failed today in Manhattan Beach, sending tons of sh*t flowing into the Ocean, rendering a good chunk of the SoCal California coast not safe to swim in.

If i was a seal, a dolphin, a 'gull, or a fish, i'd be pretty frickin' pissed right now.

USC Cheerleader: Priceless

This was just e-mailed to me, and goes out to my good friend The Oakmonster :)

USC Cheerleader: Priceless
Originally uploaded by chrisholland.

Cheerleading, tumbling lessons and camps since age 3: $30,000

Annual cost of attending USC: $ 40,000

Annual cost for staying just the right shade of blonde: $1,200

Being a USC Cheerleader and cheering for the Longhorns when they score at the National Championship game and having your photo taken of it for millions to see: Priceless