Tuesday, June 22, 2004

BMW and iPod, seamless integration!

The previous rumor outlined in this post has come true! I haven't figured out what the price is, but hey if hardware + installation remains under $300 I'll prolly do it. The only snag is that this set-up won't support my current iPod model ... DOH! So now i'd also need to buy a new iPod. Ergh. Between plumbing work, landscaping work, misc. other things i'm doing around the house, the flat tire i've had to replace along with some alignment/wheel-balancing work, my cash is dwindling rapidly. So iPod + BMW will prolly have to wait.

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dponce80 said...

Hey... if you do decide to get a new Ipod, what will you do with the old one? Just wonderin, cause if you're ever looking to become a seller, you might (maybe) have a buyer in me.