Saturday, June 19, 2004

GMail Invites

i've got a few to hand out. post a comment to meh blog, I'll add ye to my queue :) i still refuse to ebay'em.

whew: update 6/19/2004 @ 6pm:.

so i post this /. entry last night around 2-3am after coming back from the club, i wake up on tis fine saturday morning and i'm like HOLY FSCKING SH*T. Thanks to generous invite donations from some other bloggers and an additional batch of 6 invites i just got this morning, i was able to hook-up almost everyone in the comments. If you were left out, don't despair, i should be getting more invites soon, heh :)

update: K, emailing invites is getting to be tiring. How about you guys help yourselves? :) A few requests:

  • Be a sport, and post a comment to this entry indicating the number of the URL you've used.
  • Send an email to from your newly created gmail account, saying HEY, WASSUP.
  • If you have a blog, and feel like saying "thank you", please link to me somewhere. If you don't have a blog, I highly recommend "blogger"
Enjoy! :)
  1. gmail!
  2. gmail!
  3. gmail!
  4. gmail!
  5. gmail!
  6. gmail!
  7. gmail!
  8. gmail!
  9. gmail!
  10. gmail!
  11. gmail!
  12. gmail!
  13. gmail!
  14. gmail!
  15. gmail!
  16. gmail!
  17. gmail!
  18. gmail!
  19. gmail!
  20. gmail!
  21. gmail!
  22. gmail!
  23. gmail!
  24. gmail!
  25. gmail!
  26. gmail!
  27. gmail!
  28. gmail!
  29. gmail!
  30. gmail!
  31. gmail!
  32. gmail!
  33. gmail!
  34. gmail!
  35. gmail!
  36. gmail!
  37. gmail!
  38. gmail!
  39. gmail!
  40. gmail!
  41. gmail!
  42. gmail!
  43. gmail!
  44. gmail!
  45. gmail!
  46. gmail!
  47. gmail!
  48. gmail!
  49. gmail!
  50. gmail!
  51. gmail!
  52. gmail!
  53. gmail!
  54. gmail!
  55. gmail!
  56. gmail!
  57. gmail!
  58. gmail!
  59. gmail!
  60. gmail!
  61. gmail!
  62. gmail!
  63. gmail!
  64. gmail!
  65. gmail!
  66. gmail!
  67. gmail!
  68. gmail!
  69. gmail!
  70. gmail!
  71. gmail!
  72. gmail!
  73. gmail!
  74. gmail!
  75. gmail!
  76. gmail!
  77. gmail!
  78. gmail!
  79. gmail!
  80. gmail!
  81. gmail!
  82. gmail!
  83. gmail!
  84. gmail!
  85. gmail!
  86. gmail!
  87. gmail!
  88. gmail!
  89. gmail!
  90. gmail!
  91. gmail!
  92. gmail!
  93. gmail!
  94. gmail!
  95. gmail!
  96. gmail!
  97. gmail!
  98. gmail!
  99. gmail!
  100. gmail!
  101. gmail!
  102. gmail!
  103. gmail!
  104. gmail!
  105. gmail!
  106. gmail!
  107. gmail!
  108. gmail!
  109. gmail!
  110. gmail!
  111. gmail!
  112. gmail!
  113. gmail!
  114. gmail!
  115. gmail!
  116. gmail!
  117. gmail!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I saw your post on slashdot and I am (of course) dying for an invitation. If you can spare one, I'll be very gratefull. Thanks.

1st name: Jean-Christophe
last name: Manzoni
address: jcm (at) manzoni (dot) info

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Well of course with the feeding frenzy I forgot to add why I would like a gmail account: basically so that I can have a gmail account with my name before it is taken by an homonym.



Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I too saw your post on /.
I'm not a blogger but I would really need the 1 gig feature to test my open source project
If you can, please send invite to quario (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks in advance!

Pyrros said...

I can't come up with any really good reasons, but I still thinkyou should send me an invite ;-)

[ pyrrosATtellasDOTgr ]

excaliber said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
excaliber said...

*Removed the old post. Forgot contact info. Tt was in my profile, but didnt want to make you hunt for it :)*

Hiya. New here. Saw your post on slashdot, and would love to have a GMail.

Why? Well, obviously I'm a geek and think something like this would be cool. I dont *really* need one (I have my own domain and all), but then again, who *really* needs one? Eh?

So lets see. I'm registered with Blogger, but don't blog with it. I started my own blog (can post if you want, but will leave out link for now so it doesnt look like I'm spamming), but I'm not very active with it (hosted on my own domain, called Nessertation). I'm from /. If I knew how, I'd mark you as a friend :)

Thanks, appreciate it.


BitVector said...

Nice of you to give out some GMail invites. My fingers are numb from clicking my left mouse button in a vain effort to procure an invite from GMail Machine. You think you could send one to my email address? Magic_Rapport[at]


Raymond said...

I would love to have a Gmail account. Something just seems wrong about actually paying somebody money for something like that, though having a Gmail account is one of the hottest things on Slashdot and such right now and has a major coolness factor.

So I guess my reason why I would like you to give me one is that just like buying online game avatars on Ebay seems slightly overkill to me, so does buying a Gmail invite, so unless you or someone gives me one, I probably won't get one until Gmail goes live. (Unless of course they do what Orkut did, which is something else I'd like to be invited to by somebody someday.)

[gmrATrayluckeDOTcom] (replace AT & DOT with @ and .)

Anonymous said...

Like everyone here, I would love to have a gmail account. Preferably one where i can use my first name instead of some weird number combination making me look like some 1337 h4x0r. So hopefully you've still got some invites left.. is my current email.


Anonymous said...

Can't come up with a reason, but I'd love a Gmail account :)

computerboy88 (at) netscape (dot) net

Anonymous said...

Finally, as I've read a bit of your blog, just in case you haven't read it already, if you are interested in development on windows platform (as I am), you might find this (long) read of upmost interest. The guy is _far_ from stupid and is usually. This is food for thought (tm). I know it cooked my noodle.


Richard Finegold said...

I'm normally a webmail user via my Earthlink account, but it's really slow to do refreshes. I'd like to use something faster, and I'd expect Gmail to fit the bill.

I'm mainly using webmail because I keep trying out Linux distributions and I don't want to accidentally lose my mail store.

Anonymous said...

I am yet another slashdot reader who saw your post and wants to get his preferred username before it's gone... my email is:

Anonymous said...

...oh, and I made you a friend on slashdot. My username is Versix.

Kiera said...

Wow, I'm really surprised there are so few requests after a posting on /. . As with most folks, I'm really hoping to be able to get my username before it's taken. Plus, years on down the line, it'll just be a point of pride to be able to say you had a gmail address so early on... Unfortunately, my wife won't let me bid even a dollar or two on ebay for one, so I've been reduced to begging.

Thanks either way,


Anonymous said...

I've begged, I've pleaded and even tried to click to the point I've got calluses on my finger. How about an gmail account so I can stop this craziness?


Cbajpai _at_

Daniel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daniel said...

I saw your post on slashdot and am looking for a gmail account. I am sick of using spam based free ones for myself, family and friends. If you could possibly give me an invite I would be extremely grateful to you.
I have a blog hosted here but do not wish to post the address as I believe it is spamming. I also have a slashdot account.
My email address is hardcoresushi[AT]hotmail[DOT]com

Thanks for your time in reading my request,
(sorry about the above post, I hit publish too early)

Brian said...


Like everyone else I saw your post on Slashdot, and am hoping to get a Gmail invite. If you have one to give out, I'd apprecite it. Send to:

First name: Brian
Last name: Pianalto
email: gmail(at)pianalto(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I'm Sean and saw your invite to the invites on /.
I'm a hotmail user but am dying to get a g-mail so I can let my hotmail address dissappear.

xcanadian at

nice blog btw.. that hustler club sound excellent... alas not in Canada... Just regular Nuddie bars up here ;)


Anonymous said...

Greetings, I'd like to get one so I can have a stable email account. I just finished up college and my main email will be disabled shorty.

While other services like hotmail, yahoo exist they really dont seem very good. I really like and respect google as a company and feel they'll (and hopefully gmail) will be around for a while.
The gig of space is nice as well.

Joshua Shriver

jshriver AT

Dan F. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi, saw this on /. and I'd really like to get a gmail account for my wife for our 5 year Anniversary which is today :)

My email is toddp AT dataserv DOT net

Thanks a lot!

GodZilla said...

Hey Chris,

Trolling /. for a Gmail invite :^) (as noted on mostly to get over the 2MB limit on my old hotmail account.

Cool you're not ebaying -happy for whatever you can toss my way

Thanks - Kevin

Anonymous said...

i followed the link from /.

if you have any left please send one to

cypher {at} ntlworld {dot} com

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi. I want a GMail account because I am going to try to make a Mozilla XUL interface to GMail.

ericmurphy at


Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm a french student in mathematics, and i am looking for a gmail account to email articles around
(i even have a tiny web page :
and click Salort ^^).

A friend told me you were kindly proposing invitations to get gmail accounts and i would greatly appreciate your giving one to me.

Thank you very much,

here is my email : midous-@-free-.-fr

Dustin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dustin said...

Hi I saw your post on slashdot like everyone else and I want an invite! :)

Dustin Isom

Anonymous said... blogger account. BUT - I did help a fellow blogger migrate from MoveableType to Wordpress, therefore for services to the blogging community and just to stop me having to grovel:

Partha Sarkar said...

Hi Chris,

I saw your offer on /..
Would you be so kind as to add me to your queue?

First: Partha
Last: Sarkar
Address: sarkar _ partha at yahoo! dot com

Thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

Came here from / .

The name's Karen and email is tar_irene[at]comcast[dot]net.

I want a gmail invite as it's maddening to be left out of the craze. Oh yeah, and getting the username I want would be a bonus too. I didn't register here as I'm not really a blooger - but if you wanted to consider me, that'd be great :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris:

"steveshaw" here from /. You and I are friends and fans of one another. I'd love an invite if/when you have another!


email: steveshaw AT email dot com

Anonymous said...

read your comment on /. as everyone else i would love gmail account my address is

Anonymous said...

Looking for a gmail account to test offsite mail stuff with my servers. I usually use, but have to remember my username (it's NOT my preferred username), and my account is always turned off. :-(

If you can hook a brutha up, please email me! pcg-gmail is my username, and is my domain. Don't forget the '@' sign. :-)

Matt said...

Also saw your post on Slashdot... queue's up to 35 comments, but I'll give it a shot anyways. Thanks man!

mazzehs (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

Anonymous said...

"steveshaw" here... I got an invite from somebody else. Thanks for the offer, though!

MTW said...

I'd like a invite. My email:

Anonymous said...

Please put me in your queue

choi_igraine AT bellsouth DOT net

whazzy said...

Hi Chris

Saw ur posting on /.would be great to get a gmail a/c of my save the world,u see..hehehe!juss kidding..hope u r generous enough to get me one.

Chris said...

Why I think I deserve a Gmail account:

1) You and I share the same first name, Chris
2) I've been a blogger user since 2001
3) I commented on your blog
4) Your blog is way better than mine
5) 'cause I'm an all around nice guy, and I'll share the wealth if given the opprotunity


cem at console dot org

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, thanks for your offereing of invites! I think I deserve a GMail account because after seeing one being used the other day I realized its basically the same as the Zoe software I just spent a month getting to work just right on my mail server (all for not as soon I'll hopefully have a gmail account). Thanks again!

al AT se30 DOT com

Troy Phillips said...

Hey Chris, I hope that you are still offering Gmail invites, because I would love to actually get my name without a silly number suffix.

First Name:Troy
Last Name: Phillips

ps - I just made you one of my friends on /.
pps - yes, I made this mailbox especially to get this invite!

Anonymous said...

Name: Ben

Rant: Saw your post on /. The GMAIL machine is down (go figure ;) ) and thought i'd try here for an invite. I want one so i can play with it and give invites to my friends so they can in turn play with it.

Email: piscisbos at iinet dot com

Begging: Preeeetttyyy please. With - sugar and berries and small chipmunks full of berries and possibly holding sugar coated chocolate berries with real berry fudge inside - on top!

Anonymous said...

That's my post up above ^^^

Can't believe i got my own email address wrong *shamed*

It's piscisbos AT iinet DOT net DOT au

Anonymous said...

If you have Gmail invites still (or are getting more) I would be extremely grateful for one. My Name is David Manheim and my current email address is sdaman AT mindspring DOT com (Yes, it's punctuation)
Thanks a ton... My current account is 10 megs, and I have to delete stuff when I get a new email over about 100k... (And I pay MONEY for that...)

Chris Holland said...

OK as of this post, everybody here above has one way or another been hooked-up with a GMail account. I still have a few to hand out, and I seem to be getting them on a regular basis :)

Anonymous said...

Do you still have any spare ones? I hope you can send one to wizzyx at

Down8 said...

Eh, tossing a post in, to make use of your generous offer, if still possible. Very nice, indeed: down8 [at]


Anonymous said...

Well, this is comment 50, and I odubt you have any invites left but I'm desperate...

First name: Michael
Last name: Lapadula
E-mail: venesectrix139(at)

Chris Holland said...

cool, thanks for stopping-by guys, even though there have been a lot of comments posted I have managed to hook-up everyone thus-far, even if it takes a day or two. i'm getting new invites every day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're all out of invites but I have to try. a bunch of cs students at stanford have them and i have to be able to compete with them!

Jason Prado

Anonymous said...

I would love a gmail account! I will give you my first-born daughter (when she's born and I promise she will be CUTE!)

Warren Mann

Anonymous said...

I saw your posting on Slashdot. I would love a gmail invite!
First name: Brian
Last name: Fisher
email: pandachu AT mac DOT com

I live in Japan, so if you need something sent from here, I would be happy to try and help you out.

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

hello chris. could you add me to the list of invitees please. thank you very much for your time. very unselfish of yourself.

allenhunt +(@)+ ntlworld +(.)+ com

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm yet another anonymous from /. here.. If you would invite me I'd grateful.

Janek Kozicki
janek_listy ('|') AT ('|') wp ('|') DoT ('|') pl

I hope this email address is obfuscated enough for spambots..

Chris Holland said...

OK I just got a bunch of new invites this morning so i'll be hooking-up everybody above this post. If you receive an invite from me and happen to already have a gmail account, no biggie, just pass the invite on to anybody you wish, just don't let it go to waste and don't sell it on ebay, heh.

If know how and care to do so, feel free to stick a track-back to this post. I have been and will continue to be using it as my gmail queue.

Anonymous said...

great man, you ROCK! I'm dying to receive your email :))
I hope that you can read my obfuscated address? it's in domain, and username is janek_listy (to say it again, the other way round)

Janek Kozicki

Anonymous said...

thanks!! :-))) now I'll invite all my friends and relatives :-)))) (ASAP I get free invitations :)

Janek Kozicki

Chris Holland said...

hey Allen Hunt, i sent an invite your way but your email account is over quota, care to fix this and shoot me an email back in case you don't end-up getting the invite?

Chris Holland said...

OK, as far as i know, everybody above this post has been hooked-up. i've got a few more.

mike said...


I want a gmail account for one simple reason... I absolutely hate hotmail. I have been trying to keep the same screennames(aim, hotmail, /.) for as long as I can, to try and build a reputation, of sorts... The less you change your email, the easier it is to remember, or have a distant friend remember, that sort of thing. Since I got it, hotmail has been a crummy service, requiring me to keep deleting old email, to make room for new stuff, while not having all that great of spam filters...

With gmail, I want to get an account I can keep for several/many years, and have room to collect the email that ensues from that, without worrying about things like removing last years coversation with the girlfriend, or registration information for a site, because of space.

Anyway, that is why I would like a Gmail account.

email is burns210_AT_hotmail_DOT_com

LuChIaNo said...

Uhmm I'd like a gmail account cause, well, I'm a geek, and it's a must-have among geeks. I've done everything, I've even spent countless hours on the gmail machine to the point when my eyesight was so focused on the number that the surroundings became fuzzy and then it took me like half an hour to get rid of the strain.
Here's my email:


Anonymous said...

I'd love gmail account.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude.
Nice of you to invite people just like that... I'll add myself to the que of people wanting GMail. I'm not really happy with my current e-mail address, too little space and so on.

My e-mail addy is kristoffer [*dot*] kvam [*at*] broadpark [*dot*] no

- // Kristoffer

Anonymous said...


nice of u givin out gmail. i'm currently on hotmail, and i guess that speaks for itself. i'm sick of hotmail. hope u accept me...

my address is zipp0123 -[AT]- hotmail -[DOT]- com

abn0rmal` said...

Hey there! I'd love to be invited, have been lookin' forward to gmail since i realized it was not a joke. So if you would invite me i'd the thrilled!


fredrikrb [at] broadpark [dot] no

Anonymous said...


Why i want a gmail account?

Well, right now i don`t have one(got a backup one full of spam). And i am planing to register a email somewere, and i don`t want do register a bunch of emails, so i am waiting for gmail.

But id realy want one right now.

If you would be so kind to give me an gmail account, please send a email to:

(Sry my bad english)

HalTan said...

Good day.

I would highly appreciate if you could get me a gmail account. I've been searching for a good mail-vendor for quite some time now, and you know, hotmail won't do. Nice to know there are still good, non-cynics out there, who share the goods, instead of keeping them for themselves and/or making money of it.

If you would be so kind as to give me one of your invites, my mail is margotkiller (at) hotmail (dot) com (This is the part that proves i REALLY need another mail-account. Not only do I have THE crappiest mail-vendor, I probably have THE crappiest 5 years mail-address too. ;) )

Regards - Halvdan Hoem Grelland :)

Michael Wriston said...

Yo -- thanks for the offer man! Surprisingly, it all worked out, and I got the invite. But thanks for offering, nonetheless.

Chris Holland said...

ok i'm still waiting on a few more to hook-up the above last 2 requesters. i've hooked-up everybody prior to them i think.

Chris Holland said...

Alrighty then, as far as i know, everybody above this comment has been hooked-up.

I just got handed *one* invite on each of the two accounts I have. strange, heh :) Keep posting your requests below this comment, as I get more, chances are I'll hook u up :)


Anonymous said...


I am from Norway, and I would really like an gmail-account because I need a mail with huge storage department for my schoolwork. I would therefore love an invite from you, and I would be very pleased if you could be so kind to grant it to me. Please.

Hoping for an nice answer.

-dimiles from Norway

My current email is: jens_rye AT hotmail DOT com

Anonymous said...


I am from Norway, and I would really like an gmail-account because I need a mail with huge storage department for my schoolwork. I would therefore love an invite from you, and I would be very pleased if you could be so kind to grant it to me. Please.

Hoping for an nice answer.

-dimiles from Norway

My current email is: jens_rye AT hotmail DOT com

IceCool said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Purify said...


I'm from Norway, and I could really need a GMail because I'm working alot at home, and from here i don't have acess to the mail servers at work.

So if you could be so pleasant to give me one, I would be really greatful.

I can swap with small things that you want, like a postcard from Norway or something.

E-mail me at purify at bommelibom dot com.

Bjørn Moen, Norway

Chris Holland said...

Hey sorry if I haven't yet hooked-up the last few posters, I haven't been getting new invites lately. If you've already gotten a gmail account since you last posted, please update me here. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

David Manheim, Sdaman AT Mindspring . C0M
Got an account, but thanks anyways

Anonymous said...

Hey, i would really appreciate a gmail, yahoo's a bit too small for all of my collegework and letters from my boss at work, so if you could please send me an invite for gmail, it'd really make things easier for me. Thanks in advance. my current email is

Ole Edvard Bakkom said...


Can you PLEASE send me an invite too, hotmail and all other free mails have not enought place to store my mails.

First name: Ole Edvard
Last name: Bakkom

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate being able to get my sister's 13 year old friend a gmail. All she's got is hotmail and she thinks it sucks. She is really bright and deserves something better.

Thank you very much.

lpcmaria _AT_ altern _DOT_ org

2mass said...

i desperately want a gmail account..i hate hotmails small space and the spam filter that doesnt work....aarghh!!


if you are that kind person, send the invite to

Chris Holland said...

OK, I've just handed out another batch of invites, as far as i know everybody above this post, *except*, unfortunately, David Manheim, has been hooked-up. I only had a an aggregate total of 5 invites. Somebody I had previously hooked-up helped me out too.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to try one out. if you have a spare, mail me at hstink at yahoo com au

i shall reciprocate!

Toby Thatcher said...

I'd love an invite if you still have any to spare.

I'll put your name and blog link on my lame little blog soon. Good luck surpassing this Brit.

Toby Thatcher

thatcher at

Anonymous said...


I would really like a gmail account... i currenly use a webmail account from which is really lame!!..

If you could send me an invite I would be very grateful. You can get me at Nick dot Hewitt at techie dot com



Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on Slashdot and would love a Gmail invite if you have an extra.

Chris Holland said...

everyone above this post has been sent an invite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite.
I used URL # 22

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite, You are awesome

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite. Used link #23 :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris! Got #29 (I think)...


Anonymous said...


Beth said...

Thanks!!! I got #34

saidy said...

chris, you are a frickin angel.
look at all the people that you have touched and will think of you when they access their new email accounts.
(me included!!)
big xoxo. karma baby.
may good things come your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the gmail invites! My girlfriend and I got #49 and 50! You're the man. Now I finally get to see if gmail is worth all the trouble to get it! :-D

-Daniel (sorry, it's down for the moment)

PS: Sorry for using two, I created the gf's before I knew mine came with my own invites. Sorry, guess I'm stupid. But hit me up if you need one back.

ana said...

used #30

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite... saw your post on tuxette's /. journal... used number 81... Been waiting a while for one of these...

harsha said...

hi ,

can i have a invite ?. i really need one.


harsha said...

hi ,

can i have a invite ?. i really need one.
my email id is


Anonymous said...

hey how r u doin? i'd really like it if u give me a gmail invite. Please. Please contact me at

how many inites r u allowed to have and if you invite me i'll help u with invites when u need them i'll invite anyone u want me to. thanks!

Michael said...

Please, please, PUH-LEEEEEZE can I have an invite?? I am going to switch broadband providers and need to get a Gmail account so that I can start using an address that will stick with me anytime I might switch ISP's. Yahoo doesn't cut it.

Thanks in advance if you can hook me up!


Michael said...

By the way, email address you can reach me at regarding the above request is woobieman29 at yahoo dot com

Michael said...



Thanks so much for the invite amigo!!


michael s barrett at gmail dotcom

Peter said...

Thanks Dude !!!
slash dot pd at gmail dot google dot com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for 102!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get a gmail account before my preferred names are taken.
Saw link on slashdot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

Please consider my poor, hotmail bearing soul, for a gmail account! I've had the same e-mail address for five years!

I would appreciate the space, a company like Google serving me (instead of the insidious One), and a bit of change.

thawkth |at| hotmail |dot| com

Anonymous said...

Hey guys:
Here's a bunch of invites.
Have fun!

kentusha said...

I am giving away 25 gmail invites to the first 25 people who post about one of the blogs at

Anonymous said...

I love te be invite for g-mail
1st name: Caroline
Last name: van Bergen

Hope you have one for me?!!!

Anonymous said...

Plzzzz need an invite

In advanch thx.