Saturday, June 19, 2004

Burlesque Fun

Tonight was our friend Daryll Strauss's Birthday celebration at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Beverly Hills.

Don't let the Hustler/Flynt stigmas fool you, this club features a top-notch, classy, quaint atmosphere and sophisticated cuisine, with a high-quality Burlesque show featuring 4 beautiful ladies dressed in provocative, yet tasteful and PG-13 attires, performing numbers every 15 minutes from home-brewed and well-known musical skits, including Chicago and Moulin Rouge.

At a most climactic moment of the evening, Daryll got called to the stage along with a Bachelorette and another 82-year-old Birthday Boy, so they could frolic around with the dancers. Guess who else got called to the stage? Yours truly! Yup, i'll be an old man on July 1st, so Linda and Daryll totally surprised me with this one. There we all were gettin' jiggy with it on the stage with the beautiful Ladies of the Burlesque show. Daryll totally impressed me with his moves, and sure showed Bachelorette Chick and some other women in the audience a very good time, Linda was so proud, heh. I was a total Dork, but hey, I totally enjoyed it.

I highly recommend this club to anyone who enjoys high-class fun, beautiful women, drinking and dining.

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Anonymous said...

Val I'm disappointed.... NO PICS?!?!?