Thursday, June 17, 2004

iPod your BMW Secrets Revealed

Apparently Gizmodo got some inside scoop about a BMW package that would allow a tight integration of an iPod inside a post-2002 beemer. I tend to disagree with the reviewer's take on the limited user interface exposed via the steering wheel. While the iPod was designed to have a lot of cool functionality accessible thru a very simple user interface, this functionality was built with one key goal in mind: A portable music player. When holding a device in your hands while walking, standing, dancing, you have a certain agility you probably should do without while driving. Switching tracks on pre-defined playlists, controlling sound, should be sufficient activities. A while ago i bought one of those little FM broadcasters in which I can dock the iPod. It's convenient as I can arbitrarily navigate thru the entire array of menus available to me. I have however often found myself repeatedly squinting at the LCD trying to read track names and not paying enough attention to the road, which became a bit worrisome in one particular instance where I approached a curve. Most car stereo systems strive to limit the amount of interaction required. I think BMW has the right idea. Keep those eyes OFF the iPod and ON the road.

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Egh. I hope my iPod model will be supported :| It's the second revision of the non-docked version, with the firewire at the top, and a wheel that doesn't actually turn. meh! Anybody knows which iPod models will be supported?

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*A said...

It's amazing to me that nobody has designed anything better than an FM transmitter for the iPod. You'd think there would be a huge market for a true dock system integrated in car receivers...