Monday, June 07, 2004

Personal: Dancing, Week-End round-up

I had fun dancing with my swing-dancing friends in Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade yesterday. Brandy had to finish some work through the evening so she couldn't join me :(. Our good friend Abby is going to have another baby!

I had a quick dinner at Fred 62's bar before going for the 2nd round of wild dancing at The Derby. It's all about Juicy Lucy.

The Derby in Hollywood recently redid their hardwood floors in the back room. Campus-Five was playing yesterday, they were pretty fun. What was less fun was the fact that the back room was closed-off to dancers: What I hear is that from now-on, they don't want dancers messing-up their brand new floor, so no more dancing in the back room. I can understand that ... I guess ... it's just that now we're packed dancing on-top of one-another on the front floor. Which does suck pretty thoroughly. Are we looking at the end of an era? *sigh*.

update: from what i've heard recently, there's far more to this issue than the floors, which makes sense: For about a decade the Derby has graced us with a second-to-none atmosphere for swing music and dancing. The problem is dancers are not the most lucrative customers (to say the least) to a club for which most of the cover money goes to whichever band is playing that night. They must sell drinks to stay in business. With the dwindling of the swing dancing craze over the past 5 years, I can definitely imagine The Derby having faced a sizable challenge.

If you're ever looking for a classy place to take a date on a friday or saturday night, look for a good band on either of those nights, and go there for dinner, courtesy of Louise's Trattoria, and drinks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, it's Kylie, from a site you commented on through Provance. I just wanted to thank you for your sincere comment. Most of the ones I get are just "nice layout, feel better soon" or "hey, love the site", or some other generic crap, so I would like to thank you for your original bit of posting there. I also am tagging you back, just because you are that damn awesome and original. I'm glad you had fun swing dancing, I've always thought it looks really cool myself. Ah, the 50's. Congratulations to Abby too! You must post back and tell me when she's due, boy/girl? etc. Anyways, I'll cut this short. Thank you again for your refreshing comment. You rock my baseball socks. (and I feel much better now thanks.)

Anonymous said...

It's good that you had fun! Congrats to your friend! How many babies have she has already? ( GECK! Can't word it right ) Anyways, I'm sure the owners have a good reason not to mess up the new floors. Heh, this is just a pointless comment. Ehh...*sweat*

Anonymous said...

OO sounds like you had fun. thats good sux about the floors but I do understand. We just got new floors and my mom freaks out if we walk around the house in shoes now! its crazy but at least you had fun. Congrats to abby and her new baby thats nice keep up the good work!
-Soni [Provance]