Friday, June 25, 2004

Lindy Groove: Birthday Fun!

When you've been in a local swing dancing scene for enough time, and provided you're not hated by everybody, chances are there'll be this one time of the year when Girls will mutually agree to pity the pathetic life form that you are and grant you a "Birthday Dance".

June 24th 2004 was my lucky day.

Many thanks to my Girl, Brandy, for being such a sweetie 24/7/365, to her roommate Joe who forwent dancing with all the nice birthday Chicks so he could capture my scrawny behind on video, and ... Lisa, Abby, Mighty Mo', Mishy, Gidget, Lindy Pie, Jackie, Alison, Katy!


e said...

how do you invite people to gmail?

Chris Holland said...

mystical powers.

e said...

and how do you get this so-called mystical power?

Chris Holland said...

from t3h mystical "powers-that-be".

ok ok, in ur gmail account, at some point, you MIGHT see a red link at the top of the UI (very obvious, u'll KNOW) saying "invite people to join GMAIL". There is no known precise rule as to why and when you'll see the link, but we think time at which your account was created and how much you've used your account are factors, and "categories" of users are defined that way. Users of similar "categories" seem to be getting roughly similar amounts of invites at roughly same times, give or take 6 or 12 hours, HEH, or something.

e said...

i see. gracias.