Sunday, June 20, 2004

Random Thought - Cats and Fleas

Brandy and I were talking about ways to fight fleas for her cat. She's been using this "drip" lotion she puts on Simon's neck, it seems to be doing an effective job at keeping flees away. Joe, her roommate tends to disagree, and would argue a collar would work better.

Then I started thinking about ... a "Fly-Paper Suit" for cats. When visuals of hapless fleas flocking to the cat's body creating a most artistic "meta-fur" started hitting me, uncontrollable laughter ensued.

Then Brandy asked:

What happens when the cat starts licking himself?

1 comment:

e said...

ha ha ha. flypaper suit is a good idea as long as the cat doesnt start licking himself. =D

it's gonna be hell trying to take his tongue off his crotch. hahaha.