Thursday, October 21, 2004

VoIP Numbering

Robert Sanders is offering a perspective on the current various attempts at numbering in the VoIP field.

In the process of trying to clarify my own confusions about Peerio, I dug a bit further for what they were doing with GNUP:
    Downloadable from , Peerio GNUP™ involves tree easy steps:
  1. It registers user to enlist all VoIP applications existing on the their device
  2. It assigns user with the GNUP™ number.
  3. It identifies other GNUP™ users, creating a presence.
Upon user's authorization, GNUP™ places the user's number at the GNUP™ Yellow Pages section at for public availability.
... So it's looking to me like they're creating some sort of a "meta numbering scheme", that still relies on a central system to manage presence, addresses and name spaces, while creating their own P2P protocol ... that'd also work with SIP ... somehow, and require everybody to use their software or a device that integrates their libraries (for a licensing $$$ fee).

I may very well be totally wrong, but it would appear that Peerio is trying to go for a land-grab at basically being an official unique number registration authority. The same way Network Solutions used to manage Internic ... which is now managed by ICANN.

I also hear they're using a numbering scheme similar to our PSTN numbering scheme. I really hope they'll avoid intersections with PSTN numbers: I don't really want some jackass to register my home PSTN phone number with Peerio just to confuse people.

Again, this is all wild, likely misinformed speculation on my part, hoping someone will dig through this and educate me.

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