Tuesday, October 19, 2004

GeekStuff: PowerPoint Killer: XHTML SlideShow Toolkit

The JavaScript WebLog over at WebLogs, Inc., has a good round-up of the latest release of S5 Slideshow toolkit, by Tantek Celik, Eric Meyer and Co.

I'm obviously kidding ... with the "PowerPoint Killer" thing. It seems these days people are into killing things, so I figured I'd bandwagon along.

Still, I wouldn't underestimate the appeal of a highly portable and accessible presentation, from a single "document". For example, this presentation loads just fine on my T-Mobile / Sony Ericsson T610 GSM/GPRS phone :) Update: it really needs to be WAP for my phone, but all i need to do is use Google as a gateway.

While this format for presentation doesn't readily allow you to create snazzy animations, it's a nonetheless interesting framework that could be further built upon.

If I was a corporation, I'd throw a couple of my geeks at building a cool web-based application living on the intranet, that would enable employees to easily create company-branded presentations, in like, minutes. Whatever gets created would instantly be retrievable over HTTP and presentable over projectors, to web surfers, and mobile device users. A laptop user would only need to access the presentation over HTTP *once*, prior to bringing the laptop over to the projector. The file being valid XHTML, a public presentation is nicely indexed by all search engines, and easily accessed by all web surfers. Same goes for mobile users.

Not to mention that it would likely be a fairly trivial task to package their framework into a standalone Mozilla XUL App. While the browser in itself already is quite sufficient, a XUL-based "Presentation Viewer" could further polish things quite nicely with standalone sweetness.

To Recap:
  1. Web-Based Presentation Builder automatically publishes "presentation files" onto a ...
  2. Web-Based Directory accessed by ...
  3. ... just about anything that speaks HTTP, including web browsers, mobile devices, custom XUL apps
  4. ...
  5. Profit?

Good stuff 8).

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I just wanted to announce to you an open-source web application I call S5 Presents. It uses Eric Meyer's great XHTML based presentation software, as well as incorporating many themes to make the process of creating a presentation very easy. I hope to incorporate features like Flickr and a WYSIWYG editor very soon. I hope you enjoy it.