Tuesday, October 05, 2004

EarthLink Free Calling + Goodies

EarthLink just released their free online calling for members. What I like is that I can get voicemail sent to my earthlink e-mail address. That's really cool and something Skype isn't in the business of doing. And I'd venture to guess that as time goes by, we should see more convenient integration between voice calling and other earthlink services. This is really cool.

Like any other EarthLink member, I've got 8 online accounts, out of which I haven't been making any good use, but I'm thinking of handing out a couple of accounts to Mom, Dad, and Little Sis back in France, so they can more easily call me from their computers. WAY COOL.

In other news, I've been meaning to try out the new Total Access for Mac that was just released a couple of weeks ago. I've been told there's a nifty RSS News Reader bundled with it?

Tentative Slashdot Submission:
EarthLink today just launched their free SIP-based phone service. While PC to PC voice calling hardly is a novelty, their press release also mentions their service will interoperate with other major SIP phone providers, such as "Free World Dialup" and "SIP Phone". More significantly, EarthLink is making it easy for 5 million users to experience one of many cheap/free alternatives for Voice communications, thereby dramatically increasing consumer awareness of VoIP, without subjecting them to creating and remembering yet another online account username and password.

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