Monday, October 25, 2004


A physically fit and active gymnast and cheerleader, Brandy grew up in Texas, drinking milk, eating dairy products. She kept-up this fine tradition when she studied in Holland for 2 years. I try hard to call her a midget, but frankly, at 6', I ain't that much taller than she is, yet she weighs about as much as Simon ... Adorable, Frail Thing :)

Moving to a faster pace of life in California, she feels she's lost some of that healthy weight from her College days, which she longs to gain back. That's easy, we just need to get Brandy drinking milk again!

I brought-up the idea of "installing" a couple of cows "downstairs" as a nice coercion ploy. I was about to quickly dismiss the idea when facing the dreadful prospect of waking-up early to milk them, when Brandy pointed out:
<brandy>...No Bebeeh, you don't need to get-up early unless you have an entire farm to milk!
<me> You mean I can just roll out of bed at 10, walk downstairs with a bowl of lucky charms and squeeze a tit?


OakMonster said...

Hmm. Milk. And cheese. And ice cream...

Perhaps I should come by and take Brandy out for ice cream once in a while, eh? ;-)

I went without dairy products per the doctor's order for a month, and when I came back I couldn't digest milk like I used to. But I'm getting better...can drink up to half a tall glass without the help of Lactaid now. Hehe.

Life without milk sucks.

Tangent: Texas? Really? Where from? Brandon's family is from Texas too. Somewhere around Amarillo.

Chris Holland said...

Sweeny, TX :)

She did her undergrad in Petroleum Eng. at U.T. Austin.