Friday, October 29, 2004

Jane Galt: One Voter's Endorsement

Regardless of whom you've decided to vote for, Jane Galt's piece is thoroughly thought out. Probably the most well thought-out and objective piece I've read since Jeff Jarvis.

Jeff Jarvis also has an issues2004 category on his blog.

I share Jane's worries about Kerry's Health Plan. While I desperately want to bask in his delectable utopia, I fail to see how this won't end-up getting subsidized by increased burdens on job-generating businesses. Rolling back tax cuts can only carry you so far. France has an awesome state-sponsored health care. Yet 10% of their eligible citizens don't work. And their definition of "eligible citizens" shrinks every year as their government creates state-funded "school programs" to keep kids in their mid to late 20s who are too lazy to work in overcrowded amphitheaters while they stay away from unemployment statistics ... and live with Mom and Dad.

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