Wednesday, October 20, 2004


It's pouring rain right now. The little concrete "yard", that slants slightly inward toward the bottom unit of my house, is doing its swimming pool thang. Sandbags and bricks are holding fine.

I got the system down 3 years ago when I experienced the first spring rains at the house. A bit freaked out by the water accumulating, I had tried various obnoxious contraptions involving boogie boards and wood panels, in failed attempts at preventing the water from piling-up in the yard and directing it toward the side of the house. The neighbor loved the sight. Not. heh. But it turns out I don't need to do anything fancy. The small wall and sandbags are enough to retain the water which starts overflowing to the side of the house beyond a certain threshold. It all works itself out.

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm'a throw Simon in "the pool" for having been such a bad kitty over the weekend. HAH HAH HAH. not.

Many fellow Southern Californians are funny about overcast weather and rain: they welcome it as an exotic nicety, a welcome change of pace.



mspecht said...

Don't worry Chris it is pouring here (Sydney) as well, which is the most fantastic thing as we are in drought and our water supply is down to 40% capacity.

However I understand the whole swimming pool thing. Some our friends up North are experiencing this as well, while also in drought I am not sure them really wanted to flood. The Bellinger River peaked at Bellingen at 8.1 metres at 2 pm today, lots of very wet people.

We are also welcoming it as a change, last week we where at 39 (102F) degrees this week 17 (62F).

Chris Holland said...

whoaaa, that's some temperature dive! holy crap! thanks for stopping-by 8)

OakMonster said...

Don't you throw Simon in the pool. You big meanie. He'll leave and never come back again...

Wait. Perhaps I missed the point.

Ernest Millan said...

That's too bad, sounds like the builders went in the wrong direction with the slant!

I'm just glad my fruit trees and plants are finally getting some decent watering!