Saturday, October 23, 2004

My Xmas Wish: Ultimate Handheld Device?

update #2: Check out the Research in Motion BlackBerry 7270. Robert Sanders is getting pretty excited about it: It would support WiFi and VoIP through SIP.

update: on the forums, someone posted this link of full specs for the Treo 650.

eh, i'm in the market for a handheld device that'll have the following features:
  • update: 10/10/2005: MUST allow me to program multiple calling cards, just like the t610 does. This goes with my original requirement of "it must be a good phone". The Treo 650 lacks this feature and it just kills me. Sure most carrier plans include long-distance minutes, but I'm using to call France from the t610.
  • update: 10/10/2005: As a general rule, it should at least have all the features of the t610
  • A good phone
  • Multiband GSM and/or 3G with switchable SIM chip, so i can roam in Europe or use a local provider's SIM chip
  • carried by T-Mobile. T-Mobile rocks my world
  • Supports 802.11x with full IP stack
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • compatible with Apple's iSync: Address Book & Calendar
  • Comes with a configurable SIP client: should have easy pre-sets for popular and nascent SIP providers such as,, and EarthLink
  • update: 10/10/2005: Actually, SIP should be integrated at the core functionality of the phone, and work hand in hand with address book entries: If an address book entry possesses a SIP Address, and if the phone is connected to a WiFi broadband connection, it should attempt to make the call through the cheapest possible route, and possibly allow me to customize those heuristics, in some advanced menu.
  • has a Full keyboard
  • Extra bonus for a configurable jabber client
  • Extra Extra bonus for AIM client
  • Extra Extra Extra bonus for Yahoo IM client
  • Extra Extra Extra Extra bonus for Java J2ME support, some SDK or some way for me to write and install my own applications
I'm already very happy with the Sony Ericsson t610. This Xmas season, I'm after connected mobile nirvana.

I want Apple to add a "SIP address" field to the Mac OS X Address Book. I want everybody I know to get a VoIP SIP account. I want all of them to e-mail me their address. Upon updating my address book, i want all those contacts to be synced to this dream device. When entering a trusted 802.11x network, I want the phone to give me a visual cue of this fact. I want to be able to easily get into "VoIP" mode. In this mode, the address book interface should "surface" contacts for which I do have a SIP address.

I want to be in my home and leverage the 802.11x link to the broadband connection to make VoIP calls from my dream device.

And it's all gotta be insanely sexy.

I can dream, right?


Daniel said...

we all want that phone. the closest you are going to get is the treo 650, which comes out monday. no built in wifi, but possibly via an expantion slot. built in blue toth. che-che-che-che-a-check it out on palm ones site.

Chris Holland said...

Dan, I don't see anything about the 650 yet. Looks like engadget got the inside scoop.

mspecht said...

In addition I would want an iTunes-compatible player, oh and the option of a MS one just in case. Needs to be on a 3G network that has real coverage. 2 meg pixel camera and to round things off multiple media card support.

Anonymous said...

All the above plus GPS and Nav software - especially for european city navigation. If you want to get seriously snazzy then add an inertial nav device for when satellites can't be seen (the Tomtom navigator Go has this..)

Treo 650 gets very close to ideal but it's got no wifi and an almost unusably small amount of memory onboard - lots of user complaints about this (plugging in a 1Gb SD card doesn't help much, you can't run programs if there's not enough main mem to load them)

Erik said...

How about the XV6700. It isn't compatible with T-Mobile but I have held it and it is awesome. Just thought I'd give that device some props, even though it doesn't fit most of your "needs requirements."

Chris Holland said...

Erik: yeah i've read some specs on this puppy, and it does look pretty sweet. It's running windows, but for once, i won't hold that against it :)