Monday, October 11, 2004

EarthLink: VoIP with other providers

EarthLink UberGeek Robert Sanders has just set-up a blog dedicated to VoIP. His first post outlines instructions for EarthLink Members to call other VoIP providers such as Free World Dialup and, and for members of those systems to call EarthLink members. This process is also known as "peering".

I've called an FWD-using friend through EarthLink's software, it works peachy.

I've also set-up a Washington phone number to point to my EarthLink SIP hone number, via It's free. It's really cool, I called the number from the cell phone, since I wasn't online at the time, the EarthLink system took me to my voicemail. I left a message, which showed-up seconds later inside my EarthLink e-mail, as a WAV audio attachment. Mac OS X's plays audio attachments inside the e-mail. So I could just click "play".

When setting-up your ipkall account, in the field that asks for a proxy, use You might need to wait a few hours before your washington phone number starts sending calls to your SIP phone number.

Reminder: As EarthLink members, we get 8 online accounts, each of which has its own e-mail address, and should now be able to get its own SIP phone number. I'm starting to spread the love:
  1. Create New Account(s)
  2. Register it/them

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