Friday, June 03, 2005

Reintroducing EarthLink Search: Comparison Shopping, Cubed

If you're ever in the mood for comparison shopping, or trying out yet another search web site, you might consider taking for a spin:

(what i searched for when upgrading my powerbook's RAM to 2GB for $310)

(the best darned consumer DV camcorder on the market, only one with 3-CCDs)
While primarily your average Google-powered web-search interface with a customized EarthLink look and feel, you might notice a few nifty features:
  1. "Shopping Results" at the bottom of the page, with up to 3 tabs showing you previews of items from, and eBay, if anything relevant was found from each site.
  2. If you have a account, and are signed-in, you'll see a handy "Save Search" link by the search box, and an "add to favorites" link next to each search result. You can get a free account here and you'll also get to have fun with the rest of us making free SIP phone calls
  3. It's crazy fast. I've used it while dialed-up to my earthlink account from a GSM phone (the dsl comes with 20 hours of free dial-up/month, handy when traveling). Analog dial-up over a mobile phone pretty-much guarantees you speeds below 14.4Kbps, imagine pre-1995 web surfing.
A note on comparison shopping:

When I'm out to find the best deal on whichever doohickey i'm buying, there are a few resources I always check out while heavily leaning on tabbed browsing in Safari or Firefox:
  1. Advertisers on Google Sponsored Results. It's the one time I'll happily click on those!
  2. not only helps you narrow down your searches, but also compare specific item prices from multiple vendors, read vendor and product ratings powered by I like their stuff very much
  3. doesn't necessarily surface the absolute best deal, but has helpful suggestions, reviews, and gives me a good idea of "what things go for" beyond retail-land
  4. and of course eBay
  5. I sometimes head over to froogle
  6. If I'm shopping for computer components i'll always be sure to check out I just found out today about which could have saved me $50 on those 2gigs i just bought from which was already a good deal. gives me quick access to 1, 2, 3 and 4. Searches and results I save are also available to me at

If you like this search and wish to always keep it at your fingertips, you might consider adding this favelet to your browser's favorites toolbar:

EarthLink Web Search

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Michael Brito said...

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you know of another comparison shopping site that just launched. It's pretty cool.


Shoppers can now compare prices against those on without having to go online, with Frucall, the consumer business unit of Millenigence. Frucall is a shopping comparison service that can be accessed through and also via a toll-free telephone number (1-888-FRU-SHOP). It is the first price-comparison shopping engine to be entirely voice-activated, allowing it to be used from any telephone. Shoppers can also buy the products directly.