Thursday, June 16, 2005

I Love Paris

Viral Marketing at its Best.


Ernest Millan said...

Seriously dude... if it wasn't for the beard I would have taken that for a real woman! From what I've been witnessing in public lately it seems to be fashionable for obese women to sport tight and revealing attire. Spandex, hip-huggers, etc... I'm generally a very tolerant and accepting person but this is rediculous... PLEASE! ENOUGH! IT'S NOT SEXY!

"Ouch, my freakin eyes!"

OakMonster said...

Brandon walked in when I was just looking at the page. He was like, "Ew. A fat chick?"

"No. That's a DUDE, dude."

He ran away before I could even finish my sentence. ROFL.

This guy looks like Hagrid...