Thursday, June 16, 2005

QUAKE Here in Pasadena

just had a quake. woohooo! this time it wasn't me running through the hallways.

update: 5.6 5.3. w00t.


Daryll Strauss said...

Gotta love

It was a 5.3 in Yucaipa followed by a 3.5 at the same spot.

It was a pretty good shake here at the coast and we are about 90 miles away. You've got to be a good 20 miles closer.

OakMonster said...

I'm at home. Didn't feel a thing. Then again, I'm not very sensitive when it comes to earthquake, having come from a country where there is none.

Wonder if the folks at my work felt it, being on 34th floor and all...

Ernest Millan said...

Yeah Chris, you should've seen your face today during the quake!