Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yahoo Introduces My Web 2.0

Beyond the flurry of news coverage surrounding Yahoo's newest toy, I'm finding Jeremy Zawodny's introduction to My Web 2.0 to be the most effective:
Well, everyone I know is an expert... in something. If I have questions about electronics or radios, I'd ask my Dad. He's always looking at that stuff on-line. Astronomy and Astrophotography? My Uncle. Construction and remodeling? My brother in law. Real estate? A couple of my old college friends. The list goes on.

The point is that for most topics I might want to know more about, I already know someone that's smarter than me on the subject. I have my very own community of experts (we all do). I just need a way to tap into their accumulated experience. Read More
Some readers are pointing out that My Web 2.0 possesses features similar to what has for years offered to the rest of us. But I'd say Yahoo pushes things further by adding a dimension of private networks, and enhancing your casual web searches by giving a higher priority to sites that may have already been noticed by people who belong to your private social network. I think it's fantastic.

Google has for many years lacked a key feature: the concept of a user. Until GMail came out and more recently, iGoogle, there was no such thing as a "Google User", part of a larger community of web surfers. Google's "Page Rank" algorithm doesn't currently have a way to take advantage of social networks. Yahoo introduced "My Rank".

There is a limited Beta registration period. To check it out, go here.

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