Monday, June 13, 2005

Drug Commercials are Icky

I guess it's that time of the night where drug companies throw their commercials at their target audience. I'm especially fond of prescription dug commercials:

After an upbeat introduction showing us how drug [X] will get rid of all that ails us, the obligatory disclaimers arrive:

"Ask your doctor about drug ... [X]"

And then "the voice" starts outlining in a most charming tone all its frightening side-effects. To further soften the blow, they'll show images of happy people going about their lives. Ugh. It's nasty stuff.


Anonymous said...

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Ernest Millan said...

Yeah, I'll take depression over "sexual side effects" any day!

Chris Holland said...

Suicidal Horndog?
Elated Impotent?


OakMonster said...

Dare I quote the Blue Collar comedy: "Side effects may include anal leakage."

Nuf said right there.