Saturday, June 11, 2005

On Smart Cars

It's funny to see how many car makers have commercials touting the fact that a given model was hailed as "the best in its class", and go-on proclaiming: "So what did we do? we completely redid it and made it better! more [blah blah blah] ...". One accolade they love to throw in the mix is "Smarter".

Smarter? Last I checked, a car still goes where I tell it to go, let's keep it that way and not go crazy with "smart".

Imagine me driving to the theater, looking forward to a yet another fine Jerry Bruckheimer summer blockbuster and pigging out on hot dogs, when my Smart Car, upon sizing me up, suddenly intervenes to drag my lazy ass to the nearest Bally Total Fitness ... "No hot dogs for you!".

Keep cars dumb!

I wouldn't mind a flying car though.

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