Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Configuring SJPhone for EarthLink SIP

If you don't already have a free SIP account with SIP proxying, you might consider:
  1. Getting a Free EarthLink Account (you also get free web-based e-mail, and access to nifty tools such as reader and myfavorites)
  2. Turning-on your free online calling by going to so you can send and receive SIP calls at

update July 2006: If you're a PC/Windows user, you might just download the FREE MindSpring Chat sofware. You'll be able to send and receive SIP calls to/from any SIP user with a SIP address.

If, like me, you're a Mac user and/or into doing "more advanced SIP stuff", I highly recommend using SJPhone. SJPhone is free, full-featured, and lets you do conferencing, which is truly insanely cool. SJPhone runs on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and even PocketPC.

You can download SJPhone here. Then be sure to follow configuration instructions below.

Note to Windows Users: David Beckemeyer isn't having much luck with SJPhone on Windows XP.

SJPhone Configuration Instructions:
  1. SJPhone Menu ... Preferences ... click Profiles tab
  2. Click New ... Profile Name: earthlink_fonc, select Calls through SIP Proxy
  3. You should now be looking at a window called Profile Options
  4. Initialization tab: Account row: check all boxes. Password row: check all boxes. Caller ID row: uncheck all boxes. Full Address of Record Row: check first 2 boxes
  5. SIP Proxy tab: proxy domain: : 5060. user domain: check [x] Register with proxy. check [x] proxy is strict outbound. Advanced options: uncheck [ ] Use separate registrar (registrar domain should be blank). check [x] unregister contact address only. leave proxy for NAT: blank
  6. General Tab: check [x] accept redirection replies. check [x] Use short headers. i left the rest alone.
  7. I left the DTMF tab alone
  8. STUN Tab: check [x] Use discovered address in SIP. Server Address: : 3478. I left advanced options alone
  9. Click OK. you should be back on your Profiles list. Make sure earthlink_fonc is still selected and click the "Initialize ..." button
  10. Account: your earthlink username (before the @sign). Password: your earthlink password. Full Address of Record: . Check [x] Save service information permanently
  11. If you're on OS X and have a USB or bluetooth headset such as the Motorola HS810, go back to the SJPhone --> Preferences Menu, click the Audio tab and select appropriate input and output devices. It works very well.
Troubleshooting TIP: The status box should say: "earthlink_fonc: ready to call". If it doesn't say that, you might have accidentally activated one of the other SJPhone profiles, such as the PC-to-PC one. Just go back to the SJPhone menu --> Preferences --> Profiles tab. Double-click earthlink_fonc, which should now say "in use". Click OK.

Troubleshooting TIP: contributed by Mir Islam: Under Call Options tab in the Outgoing Calls section you may need to choose the default IP address that your machine is using. I have multiple interfaces with IP addresses and SJPhone by default chose the one associated with the ethernet device, even though it was not active. My wireless connection over airport is usually the active one. So I chose that and afterwards SJPhone worked fine for me !

To place a call just enter the person's sip address in the URL bar, and hit "Dial", example: Click the "Conference" button to turn-on the ability to send and receive multiple calls at the same time. To send another call while already on a call, just type a new SIP address in the URL bar, and hit "Dial". If someone calls you while you're already on a call, you can just click "Answer", and they'll be conferenced-in. It's that easy.

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Rich...! said...

Hey Chris, any idea what to do if you dont live in the US or Canada? Earthlink wont let me register?

Please send me a mail if you have any tricks...!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I haven't even known about earthlink sip. Got it configured for sjphone without a problem with these instructions! Thx!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I got it done too. This is marvellous. Now, all i am waiting for is GTalk to join the SIP bandwagon and i can rope in those friends as well. If that ever happens (or already has), do post more about it.


Tom said...

If you are on XP, you should try MindSpring .

Jim said...

Wonderful write-up Chris!! Great job. I followed your instructions from the top, including getting an earthlink acct and was up and running in no time.

Note - anyone wanting to "test" their SIP client can call the following "echo" service:

Chris Holland said...

thanks for stopping-by Jim, glad it worked out well for you :)

Carlo said...

Hi Chris, I've read from others that they have successfully setup there configurations at no time. Well me, i have this error NAT/Firewall: Port Restricted Cone NAT that's why I'm not connected to I already disable the firewall in our router but still I can't connect. Are there any other ports that this is using? or maybe i just miss some settings here. I really appreciate anyones help. thank in advance

Chris Holland said...

See here for an intro on SIP

Rajeshwari said...

How to use sjphone for multiple calls simultaneously

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There is still such good information on the older post

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I am i tried to follow your link to Earthlink to get a SIP but it didn't work. Should I register to Earthlink? Can you post a link to it?
Or, if you don't mind, please post a step-by-step guide to get a SIP address since I am not a tech-savvy person.
Thank you very much.