Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hermosa Beach Gets Fiber to the Home

What's the best way to get your incumbent telco to bring you out of the broadband stone-age? Address the issue yourself by installing a citywide WiFi network that'll be subsidized by local businesses and advertisers, offering a free service to residents, while bringing-in extra revenues for your city. Put together a business model other cities could easily follow.

That's pretty much where Michael Keegan took us when he spearheaded this project before motion to complete it beyond its current 30% city coverage was recently stuck in a deadlocked council. We're not giving-up. A strong, cost-effective broadband internet connectivity infrastructure is an asset every city official should actively pursue for residents. Phone and cable companies are digging our streets to protect their monopolies of tomorrow, as they retain complete control over our connectivity. Having a city-owned WiFi network gives us taxpaying residents a measure of fair leverage, enabling us to opt for a more basic form of internet connectivity, should packages offered by incumbents not make much financial sense.

So here's the scoop:
Verizon moves to install fiber to the premises (5/12) - After navigating parts of Hermosa Beach with Mayor J.R Reviczky and Public Works Director Rick Morgan, Verizon will move forward and begin the process of installing 34 equipment cabinets around town to accommodate its Fiber to the Premises project. Last month, the council unanimously approved a request to install the above-ground boxes that will house the system.
City gives Fiber to the Premises project a shot (5/5) - With the help of Verizon, Hermosa Beach will be the next city to experience a new state-of-the-art Internet network that will provide both residents and businesses with access to the Web at a speed dramatically faster than cable. Last week, the Hermosa Beach City Council unanimously approved a request to install between 30 to 35 above-ground boxes that will house the system. The council still has yet to approve the actual locations, 34 in all, where the boxes will go.

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