Thursday, May 19, 2005

Introducing WICK: Web Input Completion Kit

Well folks, the cat's finally out of the bag ... and its name is WICK.

Are you familiar with GMail's cool auto-completion from its Address Book when composing an e-mail? Other web-based e-mail systems such as have tried to duplicate this functionality without quite reaching parity in terms of features and cross-browser compatibility.

As most everybody else was likely too busy with a life beyond coding to bother tackling this challenge, I took it on last year, in the form of a standalone library that should be easy for any developer to include in their site or application. It's now mostly ready for consumption, open-source under a BSD License, and lives at sourceforge under the project name "wick": Web Input Completion Kit.

It needs much work and improvements to move beyond Address Book-related use cases. Which is where I'm hoping skills and enthusiasm from the Open-Source Community will help drive this project further along.


bborn said...

Nicely done!

Nate Cavanaugh said...

Yes sir, you ARE the man :D

Jonah H. Harris said...

Great work Chris. Thanks!

JavaNinja72 said...

Hey Chris,
Why are you adding a comma in this line here?

theString = (baseValue ? baseValue : "") + addedValue + ", ";

bkill said...


it's certainly because this project is at first designed to be used like the gmail autocompletion tool, where you input email addresses in the text fields (the comma being used to separate them). But as it's a 0.1 now, I'm sure it will get better, so we'll be able to use it for other meanings.

By the way, very good job Chris!

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