Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rudimentary TrackBack Bookmarklet (GeekStuff)

Since I've really been sucking at doing trackbacks lately, I figured I'd take 5 minutes to look-up the spec on the movabletype site and build myself a rudimentary bookmarklet:
TrackBack <-- drag this below your browser's URL bar
  1. copy to your clipboard the TrackBack URL for the other person's blog entry
  2. go to the page for the blog entry you just wrote
  3. first prompt: paste what's in your clipboard
  4. second prompt: just hit return or edit the title for your blog entry
  5. third prompt: type an excerpt
  6. fourth prompt: verify the URL to your blog entry is correct
  7. fifth prompt: type your blog's title
  8. ...
  9. Profit?
Feel free to post suggestions, modified versions and/or more convenient alternatives to this quick hack.

On an unrelated note, I've still got a buttload of gmail invites to dish out. Just pick one-up here. A bunch were left out in the "70's" range. Please snag'em. Thanks. I've got a few dozens I'm waiting to add to the list.

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