Thursday, September 23, 2004

movie reviews - en vrac

update: Linda mentions in the comments that two post-production houses used Daryll's FrameThrower to check their work while working on Sky Captain. Here's to some more street credit 8). He's got cool enhancements coming down the pipe. The guy doesn't sleep. He's relentless. What's really cool about his system is that it's a rock-solid integrated hardware + software solution he's engineered, built, and coded from scratch on-top of a highly customized version of Linux and his own high-performance file system. All bits going through the FrameThrower are accounted for. Yo Daryll, how's that press kit coming along? :)

obligatory caveat.


Awesome movie. Very effective romance, nicely acted, healthy dose of humor, action, and naked women. Take a girl to see it, it's sure to help you move through those bases.


Magnificent. Exciting. Moving. By many of the same dudes who brought you Crouching Tiger, you'll recognize the style. I was very pleased to see the fierce and beautiful Zhang Ziyi.

Manchurian Dude

Very intriguing thriller, lots of suspense. Some action. We really enjoyed it.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Entertaining. Comic Book aficionados ought to enjoy the style the movie was shot-in. Fun, action-filled.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Okay. I'm really not one to dislike a movie. I'll like just about anything that's thrown at me. In this case however, Rule, meet Exception. My goodness, it sucked. Not just a little either. To this day, I still mourn those 94 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I find this movie to be an insult to the original. The first movie had an interesting plot, thrilling action, nail-biting horror, nerve-wrecking-suspense, and some smart dialogs. This one ... pretty-much fell short on all counts. Even the healthy dose of gratuitous luscious nudity of the beautiful Milla Jovovich wasn't enough to get a mental rise out of me.

An absolute must-see!.

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Pie said...

Sky CAptain was cool ! Two different visual effects houses used Daryll's Product to work on it:O) Cool... ehehe.... my man is cool....