Friday, September 24, 2004

Rejection Line / How to Court Chicks

Another reason why begging for phone numbers is for girlie-men.

Real men court chicks over e-mail. As soon as a girl gives you an e-mail address at a bar, excuse yourself to the bathroom, while on the throne, pull out your SideKick II or WAP/GPRS-enabled device to send a test-email. If you don't get a reply from a guy named "mailer-daemon", you're looking okay. Extra geek points for those who can access a terminal from their device, and SMTP via a telnet session using a bogus MAIL FROM: header. Saves on the overhead of interfacing with a mail client or web/WAP-based system.

French Men court chicks ... are courted by chicks.

*glances at Brandy, reaching for her gun*.

... GOTTA G...


This post was brought to you by Daniel ... and a frenchman pulling bee bee gun ammo out of his @ss.

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