Sunday, September 26, 2004

Good Eats in Hermosa Beach

Last night we had dinner with Tom and Laura at Jackson's Village Bistro. Tom and Laura had the ravioli stuffed with leek and portabello mushrooms, Brandy had the butternut squash soup as an appetizer, followed by tomato garlic basil with linguini. I had the Filet Mignon. All home-runs. We were most notably all flabbergasted by the soup, it was out of this world. Brandy and Laura were driving themselves crazy trying to reverse-engineer the soup, until they broke down and begged the waitress for the secrets. She kindly smiled while hinting we weren't the first ones to ask for it. Later, the owner and Chef sat by our table to tell us the amazing tale of how he prepares his soup. Their homemade desserts Chocolate Soufflé, caramelized bananas with french vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate fudge, Crême Brûlée were a heavenly culmination for a delectable evening.

Friday night Brandy and I had dinner at the local temple of blues, Cafe Boogaloo. Get their Flat Iron Steak. I'd say it surpasses in taste many of the Filet Mignon steaks I've had at fine dining restaurants. We got to watch the band play, and be the first couple dancing. On our way out, a Lady asked us about learning swing dancing, so we plugged Rusty's joint.

Right now we're all headed to Creme de la Crepe! Rachel's guna join us! Good times :)

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