Saturday, September 25, 2004

FireFox Evangelism - a whole new level

Here's a link to a trivial piece of firefox-promoting code that anyone should feel free to paste on their website or blog.

What this code does: If you are not viewing the page in a Windows / Internet Explorer browser, all you will see is the FireFox logo. If you are on Win/IE you will also see a little diatribe below the logo.


Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Thanks for this information. i will try and use this one in my browser. I am glad that you people provide this help.

jimmy said...

really, what is the advantage of using fox over ie? i never understood the difference

Chris Holland said...

Jimmy: Firefox is relatively more secure than windows internet explorer (Win IE). Win IE has various low-level hooks into your operating system that facilitates malicious sites' ability to install harmful software on your machine.

You might suddenly perceive your online experience to be slow and blame your ISP for it, when in fact there is a bunch of malicious software running in the background, virtually undetectable.

Firefox limits those vulnerabilities.

Anonymous said...

Must change the first part of the code from: