Saturday, July 31, 2004

Texas Weekend

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Brandy and I flew to Texas to attend her high-school friend Jennifer's wedding in Galveston. We all had a great time, great food, plenty to drink. Jennifer was absolutely dashing. After the reception we hung out at an Irish Bar with more of Brandy's high-school friends, most of which I had previously met at her 10-year reunion, they're all incredibly fun to be around, we must have chatted for hours as we left after 2am. I even got to take Brandy for a couple of spins as the band kept playing jazzy tunes we simply couldn't resist.

Yeah. It's hot and humid in Texas right now. HEH.


Handa said...

Houston, we have a problem. Chris's glasses are fogging up. I repeat, Chris's glasses are fogging up. Immidiate replacement wanted. Noooo, not the glasses.. Replace Chris.

OakMonster said...

Have some chicken fried steak for me. And if you can, smuggle me back some Big Red soda!

p.s. I finally figured out how to change things around in Blogger! Dude, you're now on my Fellow Blogger link!