Friday, July 23, 2004

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Bourne Supremacy was really really cool. I think I need to see it again. The movie started playing on the dot at 7:30 PM as i was still scrambling to get food for Brandy and ... and a bottle of water for Trina. She had phoned her request to Mojo. But Mojo was just done buying a mountain of snacks. So he relayed her request to me:

- Hey Chris! - Whuh? - Trina wants water! - Whah? - Water! can you get her a bottle of water? - *GRMBL* ... Make that 2 bottles please.
As i got back inside the "sekrit screening room", i walked up a few stairs and yelled "TRINA???". She waved as I honed in on her position ... at the end of the frickin' row. I gave the bottle to the first person in front of me and whispered them to pass the bottle along to the silly blonde waving her arms.

The first time I saw a car on fire was like ... 6 months ago, right in the middle of the curvy and narrow portion of the 110 freeway close to Pasadena, right around a bend. It was also a Thursday and I was headed back home from Lindy Groove. That thing was burning. it sucked. One car before me made a run for it. There were maybe 5 feet between them and the fire when they passed it. I stayed over to the side, still too close to it for comfort, but everyone kinda just stopped behind me, as 2 fire trucks arrived within minutes and blocked the road for good. They placed their trucks right between us and the car. They had the thing out within seconds.

Fred 62 is a 24 hour diner in North Hollywood Los Feliz (:P), right by The Derby (immortalized in this classic movie, which propelled this fine band to fame). Fred 62 is a great place for good food and and a laid-back atmosphere.


e said...

wow. a car on fire. that's cool. haha. don't get to see that everyday. befor you mentioned the car on fire i thought you were gonna say that the spare tire got flat too after you got on the freeway. man, that would suck so bad. =D

Anonymous said...

Fred 62 and The Derby are in Los Feliz. North Hollywood is all the way up the 101 past Universal Studios. Silly Frenchman. —Gregg.

Handa said...

Bourne Supremacy is good? Now thats a surprise as I lost all hopes when I saw Bourne Identity. The books are classics in their genre but the movie made me feel that the target audience was people with arrested intellectual development. Anyways, I have started downloading the movie, will have it by Tuesday probably.
Au Revoir (Thats the only french phrase I know other than "Je veux vous faire l'amour." ;) )

Anne said...

Last time I saw a car in fire... that was my boyfriend's one ;-)

Not a good time...

Chris Holland said...

Anne: was that your ex-boyfriend?

C'est toi qui a cramé sq bagnole, avoue-le ;]

Ernest Millan said...

Last time I experienced a car fire was with my own car. I had this old 1980 Volvo that decided to catch fire one evening. My neighbor ran to my door to alert me and, in a panic, I attempted to break the glass to the apartment complex's fire extinguisher with my fist. Despite my ever strong computer geek arms, my fist just bounced off the glass. In hindsight, I guess this was a good thing. Anyway, I came to my senses and found a better way to break the glass.

The point is, I was able to save my car from impending doom. Only a few hoses were damaged. How and why this happened remains a mystery!

Anne said...

Chris : no I swear !!! He's always known as L'Amoureux and writes on my blog, so you can ask him if you want to check !!

Mais ce serait un bon départ pour une fiction ;-)

Chris Holland said...

Ernest: ye figured yer head would be a better tool?

Anne: l'Amoureux ... celui qui veut devenir chanteur? :)