Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Godfather, Part II

My Godfather and his family finally made it yesterday evening! From looking at their map, it didn't seem that long of a drive, unfortunately, I had forgotten to warn them about driving from Hollywood down to the South Bay right in the midst of Friday-night rush-hour. They were on a tight schedule anyway, as they'd spent the entire day exploring Universal Studios, which they really liked. On their way to see me, one could argue they experienced the oh-so-thrilling "LA-Traffic-Ride!!", featuring exhaust-ridden breath-(literally)-taking speeds of two miles per hour! They're total boy-scouts and all about maps, I gave'em zero direction beside my cross-streets, and they found me without a snag.

They did arrive a bit late, but just in time for the dinner reservation I had for 8:30PM at this nearby restaurant that opened a few months ago: Mediterraneo. I'd been meaning to try it out, so I seized the opportunity, and I must say it was succulent. I had the "Filetto", medium rare of course, tender, very tasty. They had the Salmon and the Yellow-Tail Fish of the day, one of the kids had a gnocchi/meat meal with "pink sauce", and the other kid had a Tapas orgy! I'll be taking Brandy there soon.

This morning we headed over to Martha's for breakfast. Amidst a delectable breakfast, we discovered that what the French call "Pain Perdu", is what Americans call "French Toast". Whodathunk!.

They've been very impressed with the quality of dining at most restaurants, this should help dispel some myths back home! They were apparently told to expect to not eat for two weeks, which I found a bit silly, really. There's crap food in every country, good food is no-longer hard to find here in the U.S., or at least in California.

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