Friday, July 02, 2004

The Godfather

Despite being "off work" since Tuesday night, I've been quite the Mr. Useful around the house. I finally got done cleaning, rearranging, reorganizing some time late yesterday afternoon. And for all that, I wanna take a couple of seconds to pat myself on the back:

*pat* ... *pat* ... *PAT*!
Tonight I'm finally seeing my Godfather, his wife and 2 kids! I managed to make them slightly change their plans and spend the night at my place instead of the Motel 6 near Universal Studios, and I'm very excited about that, as they'll get to enjoy the fruits of all this hard work!


Big D said...

That is one of the nice things about having your own place. It is cool to be able to invite people over to stay. As you've seen my new house is huge and it has two extra bedrooms where I can do that. I've had a few people stay in them.

You do deserve a pat on the back for cleaning the place up, particularly during your time off. I do wonder where you're going to put 4 extra people at your place! There must be a sofa bed some place that I didn't notice. :)

Have a fun 4th of July weekend.

Chris Holland said...

Yo D, thanks for stopping-by :) Yeah I have room downstairs in the "tunnel vision room", with a queen-size bed and two singles. It'll work perfectly! They're planning on heading down to san diego tomorrow morning, but i do hope they'll take a chance to go for stroll on the beach. I'm pretty-sure they're early birds hehe.

e said...

marlon brando is dead. *sobs*