Sunday, July 18, 2004

Cafe Boogaloo

Yesterday we invaded our soon-to-be-wed friends Tom and Laura's Pool. They bought this house a couple of months ago and are finally settled-in and enjoying their very nice pool. I had planned to stop by Target to get them more toys. Profusion of toys is a Good Thing™. But time was running out as I was gathering a bathing suit and some towels for Brandy and Eva. When I got there, Tom and our other friend Rachel were smacking one-another with fries as Laura was desperately trying to relax by the side of the pool. Her camera wasn't far though, as she obviously was ready to immortalize the impending stupidity. Always ready to indulge a Lady's whim, I quickly got out of my clothes, ran across the lawn, and treated the hapless battling saps to the mother of all canon balls. Imagine that climactic moment in Deep Impact. As I emerged from under what little was left of the water, I saw a drenched Rachel glaring at me with an evil smirk when ... *BONK* ... "what the?" *BONK!* ... "wha?" *SMACK!*. All I've gotta say regarding the epic battle that ensued is ... TOM STARTED IT!.

Amidst fries and water thrown at my face, I caught several glimpses of Laura taking pictures. They'll never reach the 'Net. Same goes for that Dance-Dance-Revolution video footage. Brandy and Eva joined the fun an hour later, but by that time, we were pretty-much all battled-out, much to their satisfaction.

Friends with pools rule. Even when they live in the Valley :o

After a delectable dinner with Laura, Tom and Rachel at SeƱor Fred, Eva, Brandy and I headed back to my place. We walked over to the local Temple of Blues, Cafe Boogaloo™. I failed to catch the name of the band, but we all had a great time. Brandy and I got to do some of the Swing Thang on a couple of the more upbeat tunes. Eva got introduced to a couple of White Russians.

A most productive Saturday.

Right now, it's lunch time and we must focus on feeding ourselves. Oh the agony.

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Anonymous said...

man, i could really use some pool. it's freakin hot here.