Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Independence Day Fun

Sunday, my friend Monica and Her Man, Walt, came to visit me at the beach. Prior to their arrival I had gone to Ashley's Deli around the corner to get numerous samplings of their fine fresh salads, which proved to be quite delectable and a success to my guests!

We checked-out The Strand and found ourselves to be in the middle of what felt like an MTV music video. A few Strand houses were hosts to hard rock bands, amidst plenty of bare skin, red cups, wobbling, ad-hoc volleyball tournaments. I've lived in this house for 4 years and only now discovered Independence Orgy Day in HB. I usually attend more family-oriented events with friends in Burbank or the Valley.

Sunday night, Brandy, her friend Eva from Holland, Daryll, Linda and I had a wild evening of rockin' bowling. First I sucked bad. really bad. Expectedly so, I never play. Then I kinda figured out how to play and came out first with a whopping score of 110, that included 2 strikes, a spare and a bunch of 9's. Bowling is easy. I don't understand why people even compete in tournaments.

We all went back to Daryll's home to play that silly PS2 game where you jump on a floor mat with arrows to the tune of music playing thru the game, following on-screen arrows that tell you where to jump. I can't remember the name of that game. Daryll filmed me making a fool of myself. I spent the rest of the evening playing with Daryll's laser pointer and his cats chasing it. Forget sharks with laser beams. Cats'n'Laser Pointers are where it's at. Daryll and I also mused about open 802.11x wireless networks. Something big is afoot. really big.

Monday, Eva, Brandy and I roasted on the beach. I thought my skin would survive the "after-3PM-sun" without sunscreen, but Mother Nature hit me real hard with a fat clue-by-four as She reminded me of the cruel reality: I'm white. Fortunately, Auntie Aloe Vera is always there to bail me out.

Today is my last day off. Tomorrow, back to work! woohooo!

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Anonymous said...

very nice account of the events. i particularly appreciated the 'reality reminder' comment.