Sunday, July 25, 2004

Reporting from AVP bleachers

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Kiraly-Lambert lost the first two final games to Fonoi-Wong, 22-20, 21-19. The commenter mentioned Kiraly had been having trouble with his shoulder, despite the impressive athletic display he put forth. Kiraly and Lambert's "I-formation" was quite fun to watch. The crowd was wild, the weather was beautiful, a very exciting game to watch.

I missed the Women's Tournament on Saturday but did manage to line-up just in time to get into the bleachers 30 minutes before the Men's final games started! I sat right in front, with a great view and recorded good chunks of the action on the DV Camcorder before running out of battery. Brandy and I exchanged text messages as she couldn't make it in time, but seized the opportunity to catch-up on a much-needed nap.

Mad greets to my good friend Evy who introduced me to beach volleyball when I was still fairly fresh off my french boat 7 years ago.

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