Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Om Malik: Introducing TheBroadbandDaily

Om Malik has charitably invited me to join his team of contributors to his new blog, TheBroadbandDaily. You can subscribe to The Broadband Daily News Feed here.

He's incredibly insightful and contagiously passionate about the industry he covers, and it's an honor for me to be in such great company.

Despite being a fairly early DSL adopter, helping numerous friends setting-up home networks since the first LinkSys broadband gateway came out, running a couple of linux (redhat, then debian) servers in my own home for a while, I'm definitely a Broadband Industry Newbie. Om Malik and his friends' blogs have helped me learn a lot about this industry and shed light on why Mom and Dad, back in France, have broadband connectivity that far surpasses mine for a measly 30-40 euros/month.

I'm hoping to occasionally contribute pieces on various practical aspects of broadband connectivity usage.

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Peter said...

Con'grats !! I read Om Malik's posting at gigaom and I'll begin take'in your feed from broadband. Look forward to your posting.. way to go dude !!