Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Introducing TheAppleBlog

A few friends and I have just started a new blog: theappleblog.com.

Beyond offering News about Apple, it seeks to adopt a pragmatic approach to informing users from all walks of computing life, by periodically focusing on very specific compelling aspects of  the Mac platform.

My first post on this new blog seeks to draw interest from mobile business users by comparing the state of managing contact and calendaring information across disparate applications, mobile devices and networked systems on both Windows and OS X.

update: as pointed out by many bloggers, TheAppleBlog is in no way affiliated with Apple. Josh Pigford's baby is simply harnessing the energy of a few enthusiasts.


mspecht said...

Good luck Chris! You seem to be getting press coverage all over the place with The Apple Blog.

Have you heard from Steve yet? :-)

Anonymous said...

hehe thanks Michael :D no Steve, yet! :)