Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My Sister Rocks

Before I get lynched i'll start by proclaiming I have 3 sisters, they all rock. ;]

Alex just called me to share an exciting news. I'm not supposed to get into details right now. Fine. But there's no way in hell i'm just guna shut up.

Starting in her early teenage years, Alex has been a staunch, passionate protector of the environment. Back when we both lived in France, much of her teenage angst was spent with activists protesting the dangerous rise of nuclear waste. I could see her boil with anger and rage at each report of an oil spill disaster off of our Atlantic Coast. She was on a mission.

Upon completing her Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Berkeley, she reluctantly turned-down a full scholarship from MIT to accept one from the University of Washington in Seattle: She was looking to work closely with a prominent professor on some bacteria they shared an interested in.

I hear about that damned bacteria every time I see her! It's like a cliff-hanging soap opera. She's been working very hard on her research, stressed-out, painstakingly overcoming roadblocks, obsessing. I almost had to coerce her into flying down to see me this weekend so she could unwind and relax. That's just the way she is.

Tonight, she tells me she feels every choice she's made, her entire existence have been validated.

We'll see how things do pan-out. I'll post updates when she's had a chance to finally sleep over it and things are more certain. Regardless of the outcome, I'm very excited for her, and always will be proud of her.


Enrique Sosa said...

monkey feel alex's pain. monkey & jane HATE oil spills. monkey want to pummel oil people.

Anonymous said...


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OakMonster said...

Alright, Alex! Go bacteria!

...I don't know what I'm talking about. You know that. But Chris's entry pumps me up for whatever it is you're accomplishing. Hahah! So, Alex (long time no see), congrats. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Chris, tell Alex congrats on the bacteria thing! Keep us posted ~ t.

Chris Holland said...

Frank: yeah she'd have nightmares at night about the pelicans and seagulls trapped in oil she'd see on TV :( blech :/

Wren: spread the fox love! cool blog, btw 8)

Oakz: yeah i barely know what i'm talking about even though i've followed the saga. But it is exciting :)

Trizilla: will do! thanks! :) (btw, you're still eeeveeehl) (but that's ok).

e said...

support bacteria! they're the only culture some people have!

Anne said...

Bah dis donc... les bactéries, ça ne me dis pas grand chose, mais j'aimerais bien que mon frangin dise au web entier qu'il est fier de moi...

Donc ça doit être SUPER important.


Chris Holland said...

merfi chiboum 8)