Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dave Massy Shares DHTML Resources

Dave Massy, from the Internet Explorer team, shares some of his favourite DHTML resources. Many readers (including this one) have, and continue to chime-in.

A reader has also educated me on the fact that the Gecko browsers also do support client-side XSLT processing. Dave Hyatt had made mention of XSLT in his blog a while ago, and appears to be making good progress. Here's to XSLT in Safari :) He's looking for test cases and it would appear people have hooked-him up quite nicely in comments. Dave, if you're still looking for more test cases, gmail me at frenchy.

Oh the possibilities of cross-platform, cross-browser, rich, accessible, web application development. Can you see me drool? <:D~~~

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