Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year 2005!

I've just come back from scouting what the various Hermosa Beach restaurants and clubs are doing tonight. And the lucky winner we'll grace with our presence tonight is ...

... Cafe Boogaloo from whom I've just secured their last spot for second-seating dinner! We get to keep our table all night if we so choose.

A Big Band has already set-up by the Hermosa Beach Pier. They'll be playing into the New Year! We'll likely check them out before the countdown.

Right now we're headed over to Daryll and Linda's, to wish Linda a Happy Birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, Brandy turned 30 Wednesday, I took her to the Little Door for a succulent dinner. We had a great time!


Christine said...

Hey--I just thought I'd let you know that I got your email. I almost forgot where I knew you from! I got a new computer and can post now. Isn't that ironic?

Everyone seems to have a birthday this month. I have two cousins, one best friend, three Livejournal friends, and a favorite rocker (OZZY!) who had December birthdays. :)

BTW, my domain is just incase you're wondering who this crazy woman is. :)

Anne said...

Happy New Year !!

And happy birthday to Brandy (I'm about to turn 30 too, so how does it feel ???!!)

Dommage qu'on ait été un peu pris par le temps et qu'on ait pas réussi à se croiser...

A bientôt