Monday, December 06, 2004

Exit row baby, hooh hah hah!

Exit row baby, hooh hah hah!


Anne said...

Bien arrivé ??

Pie said...

hello from us!!! xox!

OakMonster said...

Escaped that fate for our flights to and back from Thailand. By spending $100 more each on EVA Airline (Taiwanese), my folks bought us Economy Deluxe seats for the long haul: same food and service as flying coach, but larger seat (2 window, 4 aisle), more leg room, and your own TV (not the brand new interactive, on demand tv with a remote kind though). OakMonster could curl up on the seat perfectly comfy and slept like an acorn. Bummed Knee Brandon has no complain whatsoever.

Now 4 days back in the US, we are still waking up at fricking 2 a.m. Jetlag sux0r.

Have fun in Paris for me mon cheri. Eat a piece of cheese in my honor!