Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Six Years :)

January 4th, 1999 was a good day for me.

On an unrelated note, as I'm in a celebratory, sharing, do-some-good mood, here are a few tools I use daily, which my fellow earthlink members might find useful:None of the above will work correctly unless we first log-in to our start page.

I find EarthLink's Search feature arguably more convenient than going straight to Google because it displays a "Save this Search" link next to the input box on a search results page, and each search result has an "Add to Favorites" link, both of which use the same interface I've tapped into to generate the above two "Save to" and "View" Favorites Favelets.

What's a Favelet? It's something you put below the URL Bar, where you type-in web addresses. On most browsers, you can drag the above links right there. You might be prompted to type-in a name and/or get a warning that they may be unsafe. That's OK.

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Ernest Millan said...

Happy 6th, Phroggy! Here's to another 6 years of web-wizardry!