Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Become your own SIP Provider: iptel.org

SIP is arguably the biggest thing since e-mail. It defines an open protocol for real-time communications. Forget phone numbers. Forget AOL Instant Messaging. Imagine all forms of real-time communications federated under a single, open protocol: Instant Text Messaging, Voice, Video Conferencing. Read more.

All this time i've been looking for free software to create SIP infrastructures by googling for "open-source SIP software" and coming out mostly dissatisfied until i finally thought to look at my Xten client connection logs to see what EarthLink was using, and googling it: SIP EXPress router from iptel.org.

We've got open protocols. We've got free, open-sourced GPL software. Let the SIP insurrection begin.


Renato said...

Hey SIR. Do you have any update about " Let the SIP insurrection begin" ? You can develop some softphone to my company?

Have a nice week!!

Daizy Joshi said...

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