Sunday, January 16, 2005

GeekStuff: Good Read: STUN RFC

I've just verified this:
STUN requires no changes to NATs, and works with an arbitrary number of NATs in tandem between the application entity and the public Internet.
I haven't been blogging much because Brandy and I have been busy moving-in together. Things are going well. I'm catching-up on nerdly stuff, like reading-up on STUN. Back at her apartment, she had a Wireless G Linksys broadband router. To make things fun and see how well STUN and SIP work together, I've plugged her router with its own 192.168.1.* network onto my existing router onto my current 10.0.0.* network which is hooked to my EarthLink DSL (powered by Verizon) connection.

Anyway. I've verified I was able to do SIP calls from the 192.168.1.* network.

Go STUN :)

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